evolutionary astrology

Everyone is so Beautifully Becoming Themselves - Rumi

What is Evolutionary Astrology?

Evolutionary Astrology goes deeper than traditional descriptive astrology. It reveals not only what is in your chart, but WHY you have that chart. We can begin the path to liberation from the past by uncovering unconscious patterns. One of astrology's greatest benefits is its power to provide a bird's eye, calming perspective. It has helped me to know myself better, gain clarity on why situations turned out the way they did, stop chasing situations that were not right for me, and to become more present in the midst of circumstances that were difficult to understand from the personal self's perspective.


Is Astrology a Belief System?
No, astrology is not a belief system. Astrology is a language that reveals how humans are connected to the cosmos. It helps us to understand ourselves and guides us to more make conscious choices. That all being said, there are people who treat astrology as if it were a belief system.


Can Astrology Predict the Future?
There are many levels of meaning to any archetype or astrological configuration. Astrology provides the map with the ability to guide us toward greater awareness of the current astrological climate and energy available to us at the moment. Planets don't make us do anything. They ask us questions. What manifests depends on how we choose to exercise our will.

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